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I wrote this song in two bursts: one before the event described in the song, and one after. It's kind of like that song in the "Wedding Singer" only less bitter. Lyrics are about. . . Well you can figure it out. Music is written in a style similar to the 90s grunge/post-grunge like Pearl Jam mixed with Nirvana with a hint of Toadies. I came up with the verse's guitar bit after I hadn't touched my guitar in a long time and then I picked it up with a crazy bad tuning, but to me it still worked. Also if you are wondering what that pop sound is after the first line of the second verse, I popped a knuckle.


When she looks at me she lightens up
With a smile on her face and a cute sip of her cup
I like the way she talks
Her voice moves through the air like a little fox
I can't stop thinking about her

But she was taken away from me
Before I even knew
I didn't know she
Already flew

She's standing in front me me
With a smile on her face
I should run, I should leave her be
It's a bit too late I can't get outta this place
I hope I'm not wrong

But she was taken away from me
Before I even knew
I didn't know she
Already flew


released December 14, 2015
Recorded on 12/14/15
Guitar: LTD EC-330
Amp: Guitar 1: Apmlitude X-Gear Virtual Amp Guitar 2: FirstAct MA104
Drums: Cakewalk Virtual Instruments
Vocal Mic: CAD u37




T.V. North Carolina

One man. Loads of music. This is the one-man show created by Thomas Vernon, who, with multiple influences throughout his musical journey, strives to release enjoyable albums to whoever wants to hear. He doesn't need any fame; just some people to enjoy his music. ... more

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