Shink of Pay

by T.V.

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The return to psychedelia arrives, with this new album that bridges the gap between T.V.'s music journey from 2013 to 2014! With songs recorded from both years, this album took almost an entire year to finish (thus making this the longest to finish so far). Getting heavier in the art of playing, while keeping the psychedelic freak-show that made the first album (In the Reflection of A Spoon) somewhat interesting. Bringing new influence with progressive and proto-space rock, the expansion never ceases. (Also contains the tracks "Frostbeard the Wizard" and "Sunshine," better known as the theme to "The Soap Opera.")


released January 31, 2015

Written and recorded by Thomas Vernon. Recorded September 2013 - July 2014.
Guitar: LTD EC 330
Mic: USB Guitar Hero mic.
Drums: Free Drum App on Apple Store
Keyboards: Casio WK-200



all rights reserved


T.V. North Carolina

One man. Loads of music. This is the one-man show created by Thomas Vernon, who, with multiple influences throughout his musical journey, strives to release enjoyable albums to whoever wants to hear. He doesn't need any fame; just some people to enjoy his music. ... more

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Track Name: Shink of Pay Part 1
Track Name: Shink of Pay Part 2
Track Name: Shink of Pay Part 3
Track Name: Shink of Pay Part 4
The time has come
For you to go
Makes me feel glum
I'll see you go
Track Name: Space Flight
There once was a man who traveled in space
He traveled all throughout space
He was known as The Mystic Wanderer
The one who wandered all of space
By himself, forever

Space is a lonely place
No joy emits from its darkness
It's just empty space
and darkness
It will eat the soul of any man, woman, child
care to take a look?
Track Name: The Sickness
As I travel to the sun,
I saw where life begun

It was so dark and cold
Nothing like what would soon unfold

We were created with the sickness
Please believe my silliness
Track Name: The Good Old Blues
I got the tune stuck in my head
It's time to go to bed
It's not as bad
When you got the good old blues

Believe it or not I'm not really sad
That's right you heard me lad
It's not that bad when you got the good old blues

Well look at that I'm feeling well
Time for me to ring the bell
That's right that's where I fell
It's not that bad
If you've got the good old blues

Track Name: Sunshine
The sun comes through the trees
Giving life to all the bees
Flying as they please

Give yourself some sunshine
It'll make you feel so fine

Sunshine bleeds radiation
Better take some medication
Better get some hydration

Help yourself to sunshine
It'll make it feel so fine

Track Name: Frostbeard the Wizard
Frostbeard the wizard
Uses ice magic
His faithful pet the lizard
also uses magic
Uses just his magic
And his sword too
terrible with the sword
Track Name: Tropical Moon Magic
As the moon
Gives its magic
To the loon
It is quite tragic
Track Name: Magic Eyes
Girl, you got the magic eyes,
you gonna make 'em hypnotize
Girl, you got the magic eyes,
Oh oh please hypnotize
Girl, oh please hypnotize me,
no please don't leave me be
Track Name: Back Then
Back then was
A long time ago.
I say this because,
I can't let it go.

There was a time
When I wanted you bad.
Is it a crime
That your back and I'm glad?

Why'd you say
Those awful words?
Made my day
Turn to birds
Track Name: Heart of My Mind (Closure to the Shink of Pay)
(Motion 1)
Oh girl you try to stop me going
Went anyway
Girl you gonna keep on glowin'
'till I get you someday.
(Motion 2)
Hey while I got your attention let me tell you something
Talking to you is like being in another dimension
What can rival that
Well I'll tell you nothing!
(Motion 3)
Girl you took the heart of my mind
It wasn't easy to find
You took the heart of my mind
Pretty easy to find
(Motion 4)
Track Name: Shink of Pay Part 5