Nuclear Meltdown

by T.V.

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"A nuclear meltdown is an informal term for a severe nuclear reactor accident that results in core damage from overheating." -Wikipedia
An accident waiting to happen, "Nuclear Meltdown" is the most powerful album from T.V. yet! Fused with heavy metal and crossover thrash influences, as well as heavy speed-taking rock, this album has a destructive force waiting to blow up!


released September 12, 2015

All songs written and recorded by Thomas Vernon.
Recording took place between April of 2015 - September of 2015.
Guitar: LTD EC - 330
Mic: CAD u37
Drums: Cakewalk Virtual Instruments
This is the first album to not use keyboards of any kind.
No discernible recording dates exists, since it took many days to get these songs finished.
Album art created by me. Drawn on a piece of scrap paper. This is the second draft (the other one misspelled "Nuclear").




T.V. North Carolina

One man. Loads of music. This is the one-man show created by Thomas Vernon, who, with multiple influences throughout his musical journey, strives to release enjoyable albums to whoever wants to hear. He doesn't need any fame; just some people to enjoy his music. ... more

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Track Name: Volcanic Eruption
High above the mountains
God prepared for war
Drink from celestial fountains
Get ready for more
Nobody even cares
When someone close to you dies
They just get what's theirs
Here is comes to melt your lies

Volcanic Eruption
Mental Concussion
Magma Destruction
Physical Abduction

Listening to songs of death
Deities mourn no souls
Pathetic coward, hold your breath
There's nobody at the controls
Nobody will remorse for thee
If you keep acting this way
Don't forget to pay the fee
For the ferry to Hell, away!

Track Name: You Know You Want To
You know you're gonna want to
Do what you want
Instead of what you're told to do
People might hate or taunt
But you know you want to

You wanna do it,
So go ahead
Hurry up before you're dead
Ignore the fascists that tell you
To hate yourself,
And eat some stew

You know in the back of your mind
That you want to do something
So go ahead, you don't need to be kind
When it comes to how you sing

Track Name: Meteor Shower
Track Name: Nothing Left
What's wrong you landlocked soul?
Is there not enough to enjoy?
Is there something taking it's toll
Don't worry, it isn't a ploy

I just wanna know
Why you seem so low

There's nothing left for me here
Why don't you take me away
It's time to disappear
You think forever I'd stay

You aren't happy with what you got
You ungrateful little heathen
Don't you understand the plot
Be glad you're even breathin'!


You think that nothing needs to change
That's why you need it more
You hate it and call it strange
You never knew you were poor
You never knew
Track Name: Airless Woman
Airless woman
There's nothing you can do
Fearless fan
Look how fast you grew

Lady you're losin' your mind
You're one of a kind
Woman you need to be mine
Airless woman so fine

Airtight plan
Nothing's gonna change
Listen, woman!
Nothing's gonna be strange


Track Name: Lady of Speed
You see that lady,
I think you know the one
She's lookin' pretty shady,
She's nowhere near done

Lady of speed
You know what she needs
Woman of leisure
She's gonna have a seizure

She's the type of gal
That'll do whatever it takes
She won't rely on a pal
No matter the stakes



She's gone too fast,
It's her time to die
It's all in the past
Just let her body lie

Track Name: Wasted Youth
There's that woman,
Coming down, walkin' all alone
i feel like I'm gonna drown
She chills me to the bone

But I cannot moan
No I can't frown, otherwise I'll

Waste my youth
(Lord you know I'm wastin' away)
It's the truth
(Oh mama I cannot be with you today I'm)
Wastin' my youth
(If I could babe you know I would)
it's the truth
(Oh mama you gotta help me please)

i wanna spend time with ya
So I won't waste any time
We gotta go far awaya
So we don't waste a dime


I'll waste my youth
(Oh, lord ya know I'm wastin' away)
It's the truth
(Mm, mama I can't be with you today I'm,)
Wasting my youth
(Oh baby, if I could I would)
Oh baby, it's the truth
(mama you gotta help me please)



Waste my youth
(Oh lordy mama you know I'm wastin' away)
It's the truth
(Oh, baby I can't be with you today I'm,)
Wastin' my Youth
(Oh baby you know if I could I would)
It's the truth
(Oh mama you gotta help me please)
Track Name: Insane Airplane
Track Name: The Summoning
Lucifer, you have me in your spell
What do you plan for me?
Now that I can't be free
Only time will tell

You dragged me down to Hell
Familiar place to be
Just hurry up and crucify me
Just lock me in my cell

I'm gonna get out,
if it's the last thing I'll ever do
I'll be back to kill you
Satan don't you doubt

I'll summon you to my home
Bludgeon you with a stone
Use the sacred tome
I'll summon you all alone

No one can help you here
Just have to strike me down
Don't you act like a clown
You won't give me fear

I summon thee, Satan!
To come and fight me at dawn
Blood will spread across the lawn
My record finally straighten

Come on you coward
Don't give in just yet
Hurry up and back your bet
I know on Earth you're not powered

Track Name: Disappear
There's something creeping around this place
I can feel it, even though there's no trace
It's going to make us disappear
We better run; it smells our fear

it's killed off many of our men
I think we're down to only ten
Please somebody help us out here
Before we die and disappear


I'm the only one alive
I guess I won't get to survive
Who knows just what's in store
When I disappear and am no more
Track Name: Death in Her Eyes
She's wishing evil deeds
To happen to her friends
She's planted the dark seeds
There will be no amends
Is nothing to do?
Before she bids adieu

Death is in her eyes
She caught us by surprise

She's holding a giant knife
She's ready to strike him down
Ready to take his life
the first time he'll have a frown
Is there nothing we can do?
Or will she bid adieu

Track Name: She's Heavy
She's so heavy
She's heavy
She's heavy

Is it me or has she gotten heavy?
She's been this way ever since her dive
She's almost big enough to break the levee
Don't listen to her, she's talkin' jive

She's so heavy
She's heavy
She's so heavy

That's one heavy woman, heheh