Fried Bird

by T.V.

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With the return of MS Paint-drawn album art that was done only minutes prior to the upload of the music which was recorded last year, here is "Fried Bird"! A new light dawns that makes this album deviate away from the first two albums. Now while there is still some punk and psychedelia from the previous albums, the hard rock power of bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blue Cheer, and Pentagram give this album a southern and heavier feel to it. This album gives off the feeling of lying around doing nothing during the hot summer of 2013; which is exactly how it was written! This album was written across the entirety of summer, and while it isn't being released in that season, it sounds the best during the brain-frying heat of summer!
Contains songs that were also written for "Flea Punk" but was not finished in time for the final set-up.


released November 10, 2014

All songs written and recorded by Thomas Vernon
Guitars: LTD EC-330, Dean Boca 12-string Electric
Drums: Free iPod App "Drum Kit"
Harmonica: Hohner Bluesband
Mic: Guitar Hero USB microphone
Keyboard: Casio WK 200



all rights reserved


T.V. North Carolina

One man. Loads of music. This is the one-man show created by Thomas Vernon, who, with multiple influences throughout his musical journey, strives to release enjoyable albums to whoever wants to hear. He doesn't need any fame; just some people to enjoy his music. ... more

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Track Name: Fried Chicken
Livin' here ain't as bad as before
True nowadays I just lay on the floor
Give me one of those and I'll make you my friend
Just don't hand me the fried chicken
Track Name: Second To One
I see loads of women all down the street
not a single one that I would like to meet
Yeah I know I was close just the other day
But I can't get any women playin' this way

'Cause I'm second to one
It's pretty close to none
Yeah second to one
Pretty much none

I've never seen a woman quite like this
I wanna see if she will give me a kiss
I realize now that it was a dream
But my mind keeps on hopin'

Yeah I'm second to one
It's pretty close to none
Yeah I'm second to one
Pretty much none
Track Name: Jerihco Tulsa Vectorstien III
I'm Jerihco Tulsa Vectostien the third
My singing's as beautiful as a bird
Come here me play and come here me sing
Then I might give you a telephone ring

I'm Jerihco
Tulsa Vectorstien
the third

I don't know what your talking about
I'm not handsome you little trout
That's a horrible insult where I come from
So shut up and let's have some fun!

Track Name: I'm Not Up
I'm not up yet don't get me out of bed
I'm too tired just let me play dead

I don't wanna get up, just please don't
Track Name: Break the Wall
I'm in prison, behind this wall
I'm in prison, behind said wall
I'm gettin' out, out from this wall
Gettin' out, out from said wall

Breakin' through that wall
Breakin' through that wall
Gettin' out of here
Track Name: The Water I Never Had
Never any water in the desert

Not any water in the desert

You're the water I never had in the desert
Track Name: Birds
Six in the morning
I'm awake
Up all night
Still awake
People mourning
Still awake
Nothin' but birds
All I can take

Birds are annoying
All I can hear are the birds
Birds are annoying
I've had enough of them

Ten in the morning
Wide awake
Never get tired
Still awake
Pretty boring
Still awake
They're annoying
All I can take

Track Name: I Saw Hurt
I saw hurt a comin'
Didn't know it'd be from you
I saw hurt a comin'
Didn't see it come from you
Gave me quite a hurtin'
Never thought it would be you

I saw hurt a comin'
Came harder than I though it would
I saw hurt a comin'
you were too nice to have been from you

These days I can't just get a break
Track Name: Mountains
(part 1)
Going to the mountains
Don't follow me unless you want to die
Going to the mountains
Gonna try and reach the sky
Going to the mountains
Gonna have time alone
Going to the mountains

(part 2)
Going to those mountains
Gonna have some time alone
Don't follow me unless you wanna die
Going to those mountains
Gonna have a good time
Track Name: Pretty Song
You wouldn't expect the words to this song to be cute
You'd expect these songs to be about an evil man in a suit.
But hey it's not this song's about pretty things
This song's about fluffy kitties if they had wings
Don't blame me if you die from an overload
It'll happen if you're not on easy mode

I don't know what would happen if you talk to me
I'm about as crazy as anyone can be
Hey let's have some fun why don't ya come on
I'm gettin' pretty tired I'm starting to yawn

This song doesn't really have a point to it
I'm pretty hungry and I could sleep for a bit
This half of the song is kind of lazy
but the rest of this song is just a daisy
I don't see why anyone would work too much
eventually you'll lose your sense of touch

I don't know what would happen if you talk to me
I'm about as crazy as anyone can be
I realize now I can be free
From what though I don't exactly
Track Name: Eye Like a Pearl
Saw something random the other day, I saw llama sex, ew no way

The other day I saw that girl
Here eye shined like a pearl
Probably know who I'm talking about
Nobody knows what she's all about

She's the one who meant so much to me
Back in the past before you and me

You know I can't change the past
All I can do now is cry and laugh
I've got a boring history
If you wanna know something than don't ask me

Track Name: Let's Dance Girl
"Why don't we go out into the sun?"
It's simple darlin' we haven't begun
Party's started, we can't leave just yet

Let's dance girl, let's dance love
Come on we can't leave, it's true there's a breeze, but
Let's dance girl, let's dance love
If you love me truly, we won't leave prematurely

I don't want anything illegal
'Cause at home I got a nice little beagle
If I get in trouble, he's out like a log