Flea Punk

by T.V.

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With the influence of punk becoming a prevalent feature in the instrumentation and lyrics of the second album, the fusion of punk and psychedelia is complete! Punk explosions with tracks such as "Roaches" or "Thanks Friends" gives a old classic punk vibe. The 4 minute "Come Here You" and the psychedelic blast from "Waves of the Moon" makes the first album's feel of a strange road-trip full of colors never left. With masterpieces such as "Txign" and "Don't Go on Blindly" featuring elements of both punk, hard rock, and psychedelic, there is nothing to expect but strangeness. Freaky experimentation from songs like "Allergy Reaction" and "Buried Laundry" make the album have a feel to it like no other.


released October 4, 2014

All compositions written and recorded by Thomas Vernon in 2013, from March to June.
Guitar: LTD EC-330
Drums: Free Drum Kit App on iPod.
Vocals: My vocal chords, with the use of my built in mic from my computer as well as a new USB mic from the Guitar Hero World Tour kit.

New album art designed 6/27/17



all rights reserved


T.V. North Carolina

One man. Loads of music. This is the one-man show created by Thomas Vernon, who, with multiple influences throughout his musical journey, strives to release enjoyable albums to whoever wants to hear. He doesn't need any fame; just some people to enjoy his music. ... more

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Track Name: I Probably Got Fleas
I've got hair all over my face,
It's all over the place
You wish you had hair on your face, uh!
Can't see most of the time,
Can't think of another rhyme
Cuttin' my hair don't cost a dime,
hasn't been cut in a long long time
I probably got fleas!
I probably got fleas!
I probably got fleas!
(It itches)
I probably got fleas!
I probably got fleas!
Probably fleas.
My hair goes down past my shoulders
My beard feel like boulders
Touching it gets you molders
Whatever the heck is molders
Can't think of a rhyme for molder
Just gonna say, molder
Gettin' tired of molder
I probably got fleas!
I probably got fleas!
It itches alot
I probably got fleas!
I probably got fleas!
I probably got fleas...
Please help me with these fleas
I'm begging you, please please please!
It hurts alot, more than trench rot
Gonna smoke pot, hey say what?
No smokin' pot in this domain
Hey yo, I'm sorry mane
Gonna have to give you some pain
Sorry bro still punchin' lil wayne!
I probably got fleas!
(Wait lil wayne?)
I probably got fleas!
Most definitely got fleas!
I've got fleas!
(You know what, I'm done)
Track Name: Come Here You
Instrumental (besides "Come here you")
Track Name: Thanks Friends
Asked for help from you
You didn't come and I got real mad
Tried my best not to blame you
Then the truth came, and I was sad
couldn't get away form all of this
It's like you forced me to drink piss
Don't worry about me now
I'll do just fine
Thanks a lot friends
Told all of you my secrets
what do I get in return
I get a nickname: "Jesus"
This meeting's now adjourned
Don't worry about me know
I'll do just fine
Thanks a lot friends
Track Name: Roaches
Roaches on the ground, eagles in the air
Ants make a mound, mauled by a bear
Catch a flying fish, now make a wish
Eternal happiness, and alcohol
Roaches on the ground, eagles in the air,
doggies at the pound, time to meet the mayor
He's a nice fellow, fat as a pillow,
King of the city, not worth a crown
Roaches on the ground, eagles in the air,
look what I found, looks like a pear
take a bite, be a parasite
taste delicious, and kinda crunchy
Roaches on the ground, eagles in the sky
goin' round and round, eating lots of pie
Don't understand, here's the master plan:
Gonna rob you blind, then I'm gonna find
Roaches on the ground, eagles in the air
On the base mound, game isn't fair
I'm a great liar, set the ground on fire
Don't know why I bother, this is your lair
Roaches on the ground, eagles in the air! (continuous with incoherent rambling)
Track Name: Waves of the Moon
Waves of the moon, carry me down to the land of the sorrow.
Track Name: Allergy Reaction
I can feel your pain
I can hear your train
Don't know why you think otherwise
Lost your way, go back and say
"allergy reaction," I don't get action
Track Name: Fair
you said it wasn't fair, but I really didn't care oh well
oh well
I know it's unfair, it's the wizard's lair oh well
oh well
Sorry to disappoint, we gotta beat the joint
Oh, I don't care about your porn, about it unfair
From now on, it's gonna be fair
Thing is, well I don't care
Enter the wizard's lair
don't blame me if it's unfair
Track Name: Don't Go on Blindly
Face every demon that faced every day
Then you'll know for sure that I know the way
Let me show you the excellent way
I have seen the sons of the one
gather your weapons, the quest hasn't even begun
prepare to fight and lay down your lives
They're so strong they'll take us out in fives
I realize that none of you want to die
Just take my hand we will be able to fly
(Don't go on blindly)
Don't go blindly 'cause you will surely die
Don't go on blindly 'cause you will surely die
Track Name: Txtign
Texting, texting texting
Texting all day long
screw you and your ping pong
I'm only texting, texting all day long
Texting, oh texting, you're my only friend
other than the people I text, You're the only friend
Track Name: Pick a Card Magic Man
Stop conforming simple tricks inside of our minds
We can come up with solutions from our own kind
Didn't ask you for a magic trick please leave me be
I asked politely now but you will wish to be someone else
I want to be for that I would not tolerate
From now on you can speak only if you illiterate
I told you not you not to mess with me look where you have gone
Pick a card magic man you won't win with your brawn
someone else
stop complaining about your speech it's quite a laugh
If you won't go talk to the company staff
They won't help because they will think it's cute
If you want it to end just eat some fruit
someone else
Track Name: Buried Laundry
Bound on an adventure, out in the middle of nowhere.
I've slain a thousand evil creatures, but I don't even care
I'm looking for my laundry buried by the magic man
(My buried laundry)
Oh, my clothes are underground
(Buried laundry)
ow, I'm afraid I'll drown