Astral Traveller

by T.V.

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Take a trip through the dark side of space! Recorded initially as a new album for the tracks now released on Classic Night, this album split apart into a new entity, sprawling across space and time! This album traverses through new influences, including (but not limited to) Hawkwind, Space Mushroom Fuzz, Sweet Smoke, Electric Wizard, and more. Bringing psychedelia fused with heavy and space, Astral Traveller is here!


released July 15, 2015

Written and recorded by Thomas Vernon, between October 2014 through January of 2015.
Guitar: LTD EC 330
Drums: iPod "Free Drum App," Cakewalk Virtual Instrument
Vox: Guitar Hero USB Microphone, CAD u37
Keyboards: Casio WK 200, Cakewalk Virtual Instruments
Album artwork created by Thomas Vernon, originally on a piece of paper, and then recreated in Microsoft Paint. Don't worry, this is my last album with a MS Paint cover.




T.V. North Carolina

One man. Loads of music. This is the one-man show created by Thomas Vernon, who, with multiple influences throughout his musical journey, strives to release enjoyable albums to whoever wants to hear. He doesn't need any fame; just some people to enjoy his music. ... more

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Track Name: Why Do You
Why do you even care to talk?
You just cause me more and more pain
I can't help but look when you walk
Just hurry up with the chain
Why do you care?
Why do you care?
Track Name: Just Because
Just 'cause I said "hey" don't mean I wanna talk
Just 'cause you say so doesn't really mean chalk
Just 'cause I talk with you doesn't mean I love you
Just because (x3)
Track Name: Narflul's Monster
When the monster hunts for his prey
Better hope it's not gonna be you
If you hear it, keep yourself at bay
Otherwise he's gonna make you pay
The monster was created
By an evil wizard, hiding in the woods
The monster is faded
To kill and to be hated
Track Name: Wicked Evil
(Echoed beyond recognition)
You say I am the wicked evil
But the actions you take are medieval
Track Name: Stranded Nowhere
Stranded Nowhere, the poor man is,
Headed out for Shiknav, but ended up lost.
The man’s name is no longer his,
When he touched the space and paid the cost.
The emptiness of space has no rules,
Only the darkness and occasional star.
Those who get lost are simple fools;
When someone we know does we find it bizarre.
Derilsif sounds like a nice place
If only there was enough fuel to move
The man continues to fight against space
When we all know he’s got something to prove
When farthest reaches of space go by,
The only thing you’ll want is to fry
Nowhere in space
He’s lost his face
All is not lost
But he has paid the cost
Track Name: Suck It
Suck it hard now
Suck it
Suck it hard now
Suck it
Suck it deeper
Suck it
Don't be a weeper
Suck it
Track Name: Believe In You
Don't you worry about me
Only worry about yourself
Set yourself free
Put your doubt upon the shelf

Get yourself some self-esteem
You're gonna need it believe me man
No it's not a bad dream
Get yourself a plan


Believe in yourself (x4)

Don't let 'em put you down
You can show 'em you're the one
Just don't lie around
Your life is not yet done.